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From SFB1085 - Higher Invariants
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Higher Invariants Oberseminar (HIOB)   (Winter Semester 2023/2024)
Perfectoid spaces and applications

Niklas Kipp, Debam Biswas, Andrea Panontin

Time and place:
The HIOB will take place in the SFB Seminar Room every Monday at 12.15-13.45.

Zoom Details:
Zoom Meeting ID: 645 4956 2112
iCalender Data (Download):

You can find the program here.


Date   Speaker   Topic
1 16 October Andrea Panontin Tilting of perfectoid fields
2 23 October Nikita Müller Almost commutative algebra
3 30 October Niklas Kipp Almost purity in characteristic p
4 6 November Lukas Prader An algebraic description of Banach algebras
5 13 November Giacomo Bertizzolo The cotangent complex
6 20 Nov Benjamin Dünzinger Perfectoid algebras
7 27 Nov Leonard Pille-Schneider Adic spaces I: Affinoid Tate rings
8 4 Dec Jeroen Hekking Adic spaces II: Affinoid adic spaces
9 11 Dec Raphael Schmidpeter Adic spaces III: The structure presheaf
10 18 Dec Debam Biswas Tilting rational subsets
11 8 Jan TBA Tate acyclicity for perfectoids
12 15 Jan TBA André's flatness lemma
13 22 Jan TBA The almost purity theorem
14 29 Jan Sebastian Wolf The direct summand conjecture
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