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From SFB1085 - Higher Invariants
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Higher Invariants Oberseminar (HIOB 5)

The goal of this semester is to study moduli problems.

Dates and location

Tuesdays, 10.15-11.45 in BIO 1.1.34.


Here you may find the extended program.


If you are interested in giving a talk in this seminar, please select a topic and enter your name in the schedule below or send an e-mail to an organizer (Johann Haas, Morten Lüders, Yigeng Zhao):

  Date Title Speaker
1. 25.04. Introduction and overview Johann Haas
2. 02.05. Hilbert schemes I Han-Ung Kufner
3. 09.05. Hilbert schemes II Johann Haas
4. 16.05. Tagent spaces of Hilbert schemes and deformation Massimo Pippi
5. 23.05. Stacks and algebraic spaces Justin Noel
6. 30.05. Artin representability theorem Fangzhou Jin
7. 13.06. Deligne-Mumford stacks Georgios Raptis
8. 20.06. M_g is Deligne-Mumford Morten Lüders
9. 27.06. M_g is irreducible Johannes Sprang
10. 04.07. Derived geometry Christian Dahlhausen
11. 11.07. Stacks as simplicial presheaves Uli Bunke
12. 18.07. Derived algebraic stacks and examples Florian Strunk
13. 25.07. Artin-Lurie Representability Justin Noel
14. 02.08. Program discussion for Hiob 6

Previous instances of HIOB

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