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From SFB1085 - Higher Invariants
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Central Seminars of the CRC

Talks at the Faculty of Mathematics this week

Upcoming Conferences and Workshops



  • Summer School "Interactions between algebra, equivariance, and homotopy theory", June 24-28, 2024
  • Conference "Nearby cycles and derived geometry"
  • Windberg Junior SFB Meeting, October 01-05, 2024.

Lecture Courses and Special Topic Seminars

Summer Semester 2023

Winter Semester 2022/2023

  • Motivic homotopy theory (Hoyois)

The following lecture courses are listed as examples from previous semesters:

  • Higher categories
  • Atiyah-Singer index theorem and positive scalar curvature
  • Bordisms and Topological Field Theories
  • L²-Invariants of topological spaces
  • Ergodic theory of groups
  • Arakelov theory
  • Intersection theory
  • Proof assistants
  • Complex manifolds and Kähler geometry
  • Cohomology of sheaves and derived categories

CRC Research Seminars

Summer Semester 2023

Winter Semester 2022/2023

Previous events

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