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Algebraic K-theory of spaces

Aims and Description

A workshop on Algebraic K-theory of spaces and related topics will be held at the University of Regensburg, during July 24-28, 2023.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers in the field, review aspects of the deep interactions between algebraic K-theory and manifold topology,
and discuss developments in the field, especially, from the perspective of the Waldhausen’s algebraic K-theory of spaces and its diverse connections, both with
the study of structured ring spectra and their invariants and of automorphisms of manifolds, using a variety of different homotopy-theoretic and geometric methods.

There will be lecture series by

  • Marco Varisco (University at Albany, State University of New York)   

In addition to the lecture series, there will also be opportunities for researchers to give contributed talks.


The detailed program of the workshop and the schedule of the talks will be announced here soon.

Financial Support

Financial support for the conference has been provided by the SFB 1085: Higher Invariants.

Some limited funding is available for financial support to participants. Please indicate in your registration if you are applying for financial support.

The deadline for applying for financial support is April 15, 2023.


Please fill out the Registration Form.

Please also indicate in your registration whether you like to give a contributed short talk and whether you are applying for financial support. The deadline for contributed talks and for applying for financial support is April 15, 2023.

Practical Information

  • City of REGENSBURG: Regensburg is a Unesco World Heritage site that is famous for its well-preserved medieval city center and its beautiful Gothic cathedral. Further information can be found here.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Regensburg is a tourist destination and we encourage guests to book their rooms as early as possible. Here is a list of hotels in the area:
  • Hotel Apollo (Near the University, but limited eating options nearby.)
  • Hotel Jakob (In the city center, one must take a bus to the University.)
  • Hotel Central (Between the city center and the University, one must take a bus to the University. Some rooms are prebooked for the participants — please use the password “K-theory„)
  • TRAVEL: One can reach the University by following the instructions here.
  • INTERNET: Access to eduroam and BayernWLAN is available throughout the Mathematics Building.


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