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From SFB1085 - Higher Invariants
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Winter School on Bordism, L-theory, and Real Algebraic K-theory

Dates and Location

The Winter School will take place at Kastell Windsor, on the outskirts of Regensburg, during the week December 5-9, 2016.


The aim of this Winter School is to familiarize PhD students and young researchers with recent developments in L-theory and real algebraic K-theory.

The school will consist of 5 lecture series. There will also be opportunities for participants to give short presentations.

Lecture Series

  • Ad Theories
  • Thomas Nikolaus (MPIM Bonn): Homotopy types of L-theory spectra
  • Markus Spitzweck (Universität Osnabrück): Hermitian K-theory for infinity categories with duality
  • Wolfgang Steimle (Universität Augsburg): Fibration sequences in cobordism categories

Financial Support

Financial support for the conference has been provided by the SFB 1085: Higher Invariants. This will cover the expenses for accommodation in Kastell Windsor for the participants of the Winter School. Limited funding for travel financial support is also available.


Due to limited room availability in Kastell Windsor, we may not be able to accept all registrations for participation in the Winter School. You will hear a confirmation from us soon after the registration deadline.

Registration is now closed.


A detailed schedule will appear soon.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:30 - 10:30 Schlichting
(Lecture 1)
(Lecture 2)
(Lecture 3)
(Lecture 1)
(Lecture 2)
10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:00 Spitzweck
(Lecture 1)
(Lecture 2)
(Lecture 2)
(Lecture 3)
(Lecture 3)
12:00 - 14:00 Lunch END OF SCHOOL
14:00 - 15:00 Nikolaus
(Lecture 1)
(Lecture 2)
(Lecture 3)
15:00 - 15:30 Excursion
15:30 - 16:30
(Short Talks)
(Lecture 1)
16:30 - 16:45 Excursion
16:45 - 18:00
(Short Talks)
(Short Talks)


  • Ulrich Bunke
  • Markus Land
  • Niko Naumann
  • Georgios Raptis

Registered participants

  • Absmeier Dominik (Bochum)
  • Ammann Bernd (Regensburg)
  • Bachmann Tom (LMU München)
  • Brüggemann Julian (Bochum)
  • Caputi Luigi (Regensburg)
  • Cohier-Chevaux Cyrus (Jussieu, Paris)
  • Dahlhausen Christian (Regensburg)
  • Dotto Emanuele (Bonn)
  • Engel Alexander (Texas A&M)
  • Fiore Thomas (Michigan-Dearborn)
  • Frankland Martin (Osnabrück)
  • Hebestreit Fabian (Bonn)
  • Holz Jan (Bochum)
  • Krannich Manuel (Copenhagen)
  • Kudryashov Alexei (Augsburg)
  • Levikov Filipp (Berlin)
  • Lopez-Avila Alejo (Osnabrück)
  • Macko Tibor (Bratislava)
  • Madden Dylan (Warwick)
  • Meisel Moritz-Oliver (Augsburg)
  • Moi Kristian Jonsson (Münster)
  • Nguyen Kim (Regensburg)
  • Nguyen Manh Toan (Osnabrück)
  • Noel Justin (Regensburg)
  • Ohrt Christopher (UCLA)
  • Pavlov Dmitri (Regensburg)
  • Perlmutter Nathan (Stanford)
  • Reinauer Raphael (Münster)
  • Reinhold Jens (Stanford)
  • Sadhu Vivek (Mumbai)
  • Schlarmann Eric (Augsburg)
  • Schrade Christoph (Regensburg)
  • Speirs Martin (Copenhagen)
  • Wimmer Christian (Bonn)
  • van Woerden Koen (Regensburg)
  • Zanchetta Ferdinando (Warwick)
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