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PhD Seminar (Summer Semester 2024)

The general theme of the seminar will be "(Co)homology Theories," and here's why:

  • We want to encourage participation from diverse research groups, inviting speakers to choose topics they are experts in or passionate about.
  • Freedom for Speakers: We invite you to present any cohomology theory (or homology theory) of your choice. Talks can range from introductory presentations to applications, whether in computation, comparison with other cohomology theories, or theorems derived from them.
  • Freedom for Audience: Unlike traditional seminars where talks are interconnected, our format allows each presentation to stand independently, meaning that even if you miss a talk, you can still fully engage with and understand the following ones.

Other information are:

  • Talks should last around 45-60 minutes, leaving ample time for discussions and elucidations at the board, and aim to be a gentle introduction to the topic. This gathering is also the perfect opportunity to ask questions non-directly related to mathematics, such as suggestions for conferences, how to get access to resources offered by the university, how to get a decent sleep schedule, etc.
  • If we organize it during the evening, we will order food (e.g., pizza). Participants will be kindly asked to contribute towards the cost.

We're thrilled about this seminar and the opportunity to share ideas and time.

Time and place

  • We suggest meeting in the evenings (18-20?) but are open to your input on preferred days. If interested, please complete the following Google form (note that Google will NOT save your email address): .


Giacomo and Andrea

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