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From SFB1085 - Higher Invariants
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Higher Invariants Oberseminar (HIOB)   (Summer Semester 2023)
Chromatic Homotopy Theory

Niklas Kipp, Ritheesh Thiruppathi, Sebastian Wolf

Time and place:
The HIOB will take place in the SFB Seminar Room (in hybrid format) every Monday at 12.15-13.45.

Zoom Details:
Zoom Meeting ID: 694 3513 8862
Passcode: 425669
Link: Program


Date   Speaker   Topic
1 17 April Jana Nickel Formal group laws and complex oriented cohomology theories
2 24 April Divya Ghanshani The complex bordism spectrum
3 08 May Massimo Pippi The moduli stack of formal groups
4 15 May Benjamin Dunzinger Heights of formal groups
5 22 May Luca Pol Landweber exact functor theorem
6 05 June Marco Volpe Morava stabilizer groups and Lubin-Tate theory
7 12 June Sebastian Wolf Morava E-theory and Morava K-theory
8 19 June Ritheesh-Krishna Thiruppathi The chromatic fracture square and detecting nilpotence
9 26 June Jonas Linssen The thick subcategory theorem and the Balmer spectrum of finite spectra
10 03 July Pavel Sechin The chromatic convergence theorem
11 10 July - Classification of smashing localizations and the telescope conjecture
12 17 July Organizers Discussion for the next HIOB
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