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Higher Invariants Oberseminar (HIOB)   (Summer Semester 2022)

Time and place:
The HIOB will take place in the SFB Seminar Room (in hybrid format) every Monday at 12.15-13.45.

Can be found here.

Zoom Details:
Zoom Meeting ID: 846 6074 2255
Passcode: dmodule


Date   Speaker   Topic
1 25 April Organizers Introduction and Overview
2 2 May Andrea Panontin Preliminaries and first definitions
3 9 May Lukas Prader Inverse Images
4 16 May Julio de Mello Bezerra Direct Images
5 23 May Marco Volpe Kashiwara’s Theorem and applications
6 30 May Niklas Kipp Coherent D-Modules and singular support
7 13 June Luca Pol Holonomic D-Modules and duality
8 20 June Benedikt Preis The Main Theorem for Holonomic D-Modules
9 27 June Han-Ung Kufner 6-Functors and classification of irreducible holonomic D-Modules
10 4 July Moritz Kerz Deligne's Riemann-Hilbert Correspondence
11 11 July Ulrich Bunke Regular holonomic D-Modules
12 18 July Massimo Pippi Riemann-Hilbert correspondence I
13 25 July Sebastian Wolf Riemann-Hilbert correspondence II & Discussion for next HIOB
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