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Dates and Location

The conference takes place at the University of Regensburg from September 5th to 9th 2016. Poster


The conference Arakelov Geometry - Archimedean and Non-Archimedean Aspects is organized by

Jose Ignacio Burgos Gil, Walter Gubler, Guido Kings, and Klaus Künnemann.

This conference constitutes the eighth session of the Intercity Seminar on Arakelov Theory organized by Jose Ignacio Burgos Gil, Vincent Maillot and Atsushi Moriwaki with previous sessions in Barcelona, Kyoto, Paris, and Rome.


Detailed schedule (version Sept 1st, 2016 and abstracts
Talks will be in lecture hall H 51. Coffee breaks will be held nearby. Campus Map

Conference Images

Group photograph


  • Altmann, Bastian (Regensburg)
  • Bambozzi, Federico (Regensburg)
  • Bost, Jean-Benoit (Orsay)
  • Bunke, Ulrich (Regensburg)
  • Chen, Huayi (Grenoble)
  • Dolce, Paolo (Nottingham)
  • Eriksson, Denis (Goeteborg)
  • Fang, Yanbo (Paris Diderot)
  • Fenzl, Thomas (Regensburg)
  • Freixas, Gerard (Paris)
  • Fresan, Javier (Zürich)
  • Gasbarri, Carlo (Strassburg)
  • Goswami, Souvik (Alberta)
  • Gualdi, Roberto (Bordeaux / Barcelona)
  • Guignard, Quentin (Bures-sur-Yvette)
  • Ih, Suion (Colorado, Boulder)
  • Ikoma, Hideaki (Kyoto)
  • Javanpeykar, Ariyan (Mainz)
  • Jell, Philipp (Regensburg)
  • de Jong, Robin (Leiden)
  • Kawaguchi, Shu (Kyoto)
  • Köhler, Kai (Düsseldorf)
  • Kramer, Jürg (Berlin)
  • Kühn, Ulf (Hamburg)
  • Liu, Chunhui (Paris)
  • Liu, Yifeng (Northwestern)
  • Maculan, Marco (Paris, Jussieu)
  • Mai, Tien Long (UPMC)
  • Maillot, Vincent (Paris)
  • Martin, Florent (Regensburg)
  • Navarro Garmendia, Alberto (ICMAT Madrid)
  • Nickel, Matthias (Frankfurt)
  • Odaka, Yuji (Kyoto)
  • Pazuki, Fabien (Kopenhagen)
  • von Pippich, Anna (Darmstadt)
  • Randriambololona, Hugues (Telecom-ParisTech)
  • Rössler, Damian (Oxford)
  • Sabonis, David (TU München)
  • Scarponi, Danny (Oxford)
  • Scholbach, Jakob (Münster)
  • Sigloch, Helene (Regensburg)
  • Smacka, Jascha (Regensburg)
  • Sombra, Martin (Barcelona)
  • Soulé, Christophe (Bures-sur-Yvette)
  • Sprang, Johannes (Regensburg)
  • Stoffel, Martino (Regensburg)
  • Tamme, Georg (Regensburg)
  • Tang, Shun (Peking)
  • Viada, Evelina (ETH Zürich)
  • Vilsmeier, Christian (Regensburg)
  • Wanner, Veronika (Regensburg)
  • Wieland, Peter (Regensburg)
  • Wilms, Robert (Mainz)
  • Yamaki, Kazuhiko (Kyoto)
  • Yang, Enlin (Regensburg)
  • Zhang, Shouwu (Princeton)
  • Zhang, Tong (Durham)
  • Zhao, Heer (Duisburg-Essen)
  • Zhao, Yigeng (Regensburg)

Practical information

  • TRAVEL: In order to reach the university kindly follow the instructions here.
  • INTERNET: Access to eduroam is available throughout the mathematics building.


If you are interested to participate or want to contact the organizers, please send an email to
NOTE: Summer break from July 30th to August 28th, 2016.

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