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Internal Resarch Training Group within the CRC 1085 "Higher Invariants"

Qualification Programme


Support for New Members

  • recruitment of doctoral researchers and of postdoctoral researchers
  • short research fellowships for external PhD students

Administration of the RTG



  • Dr. Katrin Henkel

Events for Equal Opportunities offered to CRC Members

Women in Mathematics

Find out more here.

German Coaching for International Mathematicians (4., 6., 11 und 13.03.24)

The goal of this workshop by Christina Riebl was for the attendees to become more confident and authentic in the German language. Optimisation of the oral and written communication of the individual participants, Training and improving individual speaking and communication skills, Preparation of the international scientists for the realisation of mathematics lectures and/or job interviews in German in order to achieve parity with equalisation with German applicants in terms of integration into the labour market, Strengthening self-confidence in the ability to communicate in German, Optimisation of existing language skills and in feedback situations, as well as becoming more aware of current priorities of advancing the attendees’ thesis.

Behavioral biases that complicate Equality of Opportunity and how to take action against them. (Jan 30 2024)

This event will be a talk by Matthias Kating about how we all must continuously act on creating equal opportunities for everyone in order to secure our success by recognizing and actively mitigating these biases through targeted strategies and data-driven approaches to create a more equitable and inclusive future for all of us in all spheres of life. At the end of the day, there will also be an interactive part about visible role models, a growth mindset training and communication, for individuals to feel valued and supported irrespective of their gender. Find out more about it here.

Ace Your Mental Health in Science (Nov 8 + Nov 29 + Dec 13 2023)

This workshop was held on three individual days on different topics regarding "Imposter Syndrome and Self-Worth", "Communicate like an Expert" and "Work-Life Balance and Social Network". This course was offered for all doctoral candidates and postdocs at the Universität Regensburg. Find out more here or here.

Women's Table - Mathematicians (Apr 25 + Nov 27 2023)

The women at the SFB as well as potential Doctorates met at the Unikat to discuss the matter of equality and to get to know each other better. Topics of discussion were potential presenters at the SFB, individual workshops, topic relevant projects they could plan, what networking sites there are at the university, other topics like a communication training for all men for a better gender bias awareness and what they can do to further improve equality during the studies at the university.

Selbstverteidigung in Wort und Tag mit Krav Maga (Oct 14 / Dec 9 2022 + Nov 20 2023)

This self-defence course taught the SFB colleagues how to handle verbal and physical attacks in a confident matter. The workshop’s topics include: how to verbally deal with insults and sexual implications and how to defend yourself against physical attacks like sexual harassment and physical force. The course combines the most important parts of Krav Maga, a self-defence system, as well as emotionally intelligent communication. The course, which was organized by CoMeNT.UR, took place on two separate days and is good for beginners as well as advanced individuals.

Competence in Communication and Appearance (Oct 13 2023)

The goal of this workshop was for the attendees to become more confident and authentic in communicating and in feedback situations, as well as becoming more aware of current priorities of advancing the attendees’ thesis. To help the women do so, they had to prepare a short presentation about themselves and then giving feedback to each other, as well as by giving them methods on how to deal more calmly with stressful situations. Find more about the workshop here.

Individual Coachings for female Scientists (Sep-Nov 2023)

The female members at the SFB took part in individual Coaching sessions by Falkenberg Seminare to learn about strengths and patterns and to intensively deal with planning their lives and careers. They also learnt a fitting way to deal with their emotions and to achieve their bigger goals through effective leading- and communication skills.

Gender Bias in der Personalauswahl (Jul 7 2023)

This workshop dealt with gender biases in the scientific field today and how the performance of an individual can be distorted by gender. The attendees learnt how to use bias-management methods to create a more equal way in choosing the staff, based on competence, not gender. This workshop was held by Dr Lisa Horwath, psychologist, university and organization advisor, who has dealt with the topic of equality for 10 years. Find out more here.

Denkfallen Vermeiden, Geschlechtergerechtigkeit verwirklichen, Exzellenz ermöglichen (Nov 10 + Dec 8 2022 + Feb 9 2023)

Presentations on biases in a University context with Dr Lisa Horvath

Success through Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity (Nov 22 2022)

Mr Aiwanger held a 90 minute presentation on how to improve diversity and equity. He separated the topic into two parts: The first part focused on base knowledge towards the topic, where he explained terms like Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality of Opportunity. He also explained what this topic has to do with the field of Mathematics, what the positive effects of diversity and inclusivity are, what things have to be considered and what hurdles people have to overcome. The second part of the presentation showed important theories and concepts , like the unconscious bias and micro-aggressions, which help understand the complex interplay between structural framework conditions and individual actions. Finally, the participants learned methods and tools to conduct on their own to actively improve diversity and equality. Find out more abou the presentation here.

Women of Mathematics throughout Europe (May 5th - June 5th 2022)

The Faculty of Mathematics showcased an exhibition by Sylvie Paycha and Noel Tovia Matoff, which had the goal to enable young females to find role models in the field, so they can feel enabled to pursue a career in the Mathematic field. Find out more about it here.

Talentfördergruppe für Studentinnen der Mathematik (May 2020 - Jul 2022)

This initative was created to foster an exchange of mathematical topics and topics pertinent to academia, career and studies among talented students. Topics such as Cryptography, Game Theory, Knot Theory, how to present mathematics to non-mathematicians, Catalan’s Conjecture, The Four Colour Theorem, as well as masterprojects and plans were discussed. Organized by Veronika Ertl and Magdalena Lottner. Find out more about this here.

Mathematik und Gender - ein Paradoxon?(Nov 25 + Dec 2 + Dec 9 2020)

This Lecture Series, which was presented by Angela Siebold and Birte Gooßes of DINX, dealt with the Concept of Equality, Equality and men, gender-responsive language and applications of equality. Find out more about this here.

Other Ways to Help Equality
  • WIT Events: More information here and here.
  • Equality Concept of the UR: document (German)
  • If you have questions or problems considering your studies, find a list of people to contact here.
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