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Motivic sheaves

This semester in the seminar we will discuss topics around the Euler–Poincaré characteristic and the Grothendieck–Ogg–Shafarevich formula.


  • G. Laumon, Transformation de Fourier homogène, Bulletin SMF 2013, numdam.
  • L. Illusie, Théorie de Brauer et caractéristique d'Euler-Poincaré, Asterisque 82-83, numdam.
  • G. Laumon, Semi-continuité du conducteur de Swan, Asterisque 82-83, numdam.
  • R. MacPherson, Chern classes for singular algebraic varieties, Annals 1974, jstor.

Time and place

Do 14-16, M 103


Date Title Speaker
8. Nov Motivic Fourier transform I Masoud Zargar
15. Nov Motivic Fourier transform II Adeel Khan
29. Nov Motivic Fourier transform III Adeel Khan
6. Dez Background on Swan conductors and vanishing cycles Benedikt Preis
13. Dez Motivic Fourier transform IV Masoud Zargar
20. Dez The Grothendieck–Ogg–Shafarevich formula Veronika Ertl
10. Jan Brauer theory and the Euler-Poincaré characteristic (notes) Federico Binda
17. Jan Constructibility of the Swan conductor Benedikt Preis
24. Jan A base change theorem Kévin François
31. Jan Deformation of coverings Yigeng Zhao
7. Feb Semi-continuity of the Swan conductor Benedikt Preis
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