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From SFB1085 - Higher Invariants
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AG Seminar 2020/21

Thursday 12-14, online via Zoom

The aim of this seminar is to present and discuss recent results in research areas from Homotopy Theory and K-theory to Global Analysis.

Summer Semester 2021

No Date Title / Abstract Speaker
1 15.04 Algebraic K-theory of Lawvere theories Markus Szymik (Trondheim)
2 22.04 Thinking about the Transfer Index Conjecture Georgios Raptis (Regensburg)
3 29.04 Equivariant higher twisted K-theory of SU(n) via exponential functors Ulrich Pennig (Cardiff)
4 06.05 Stable moduli spaces of hermitian forms Fabian Hebestreit (Bonn)
5 13.05 Holiday no seminar
6 20.05 Extended field theories are local and have classifying spaces Daniel Grady (Texas Tech University)
7 27.05 Higher Segal spaces via higher excision Tashi Walde (TUM)
8 03.06. Holiday no seminar
9 10.06 Algebraic models of p-adic homotopy types Hadrian Heine (Osnabrück)
10 17.06 Topological exodromy with coefficients Mauro Porta (Strasbourg)
11 24.06 Cohomology of singularity categories and equivariant vanishing cycles Massimo Pippi (University College London)
12 01.07 The fiber of Persistent Homology Jacob Leygonie (Oxford)
13 08.07 (In)finiteness properties of automorphism spaces of manifolds Manuel Krannich (Cambridge)
14 15.07 Characteristic classes of framed fibre bundles Nils Prigge (ETH)

Winter Semester 2020/21

No Date Title / Abstract Speaker
1 05.11 An identification of the Baum-Connes and Davis-Lück assembly maps Julian Kranz (Münster)
2 12.11 Higher homotopy categories Georgios Raptis
3 19.11. On the Balmer spectrum of derived Mackey functors Irakli Patchkoria (Aberdeen)
4 26.11. A double (∞,1)-categorical nerve for double categories Lyne Moser (EPFL)
5 03.12. Twisted Homology Operations Calista Bernard (Stanford)
6 10.12. Fibrations and lax limits of (oo,2)-categories Edoardo Lanari (Czech Academy of Sciences)
7 17.12. Bicategorical constructions with C^*-categories Christian Voigt (Glasgow)
8 07.01.2021 On nilpotent extensions of ∞-categories and the cyclotomic trace Vladimir Sosnilo (Steklov Institute St. Petersburg)
9 14.01 Quasi-locality and rigidity of Roe algebras Jan Spakula (Southampton)
10 21.01 Equivariant virtual fundamental classes Charanya Ravi (Regensburg)
11 28.01 Secondary cup and cap products in coarse geometry Christopher Wulf (Göttingen)
12 04.02 Support theory for triangulated categories in algebra and topology Drew Heard (Trondheim)
13 11.02 Exploring (∞, n)-categories through n-complicial sets Martina Rovelli (ANU)
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